Polycarbonate Selection Guide

Excellent Insulation - the ribbed configuration of the multi-walled sheets traps air within the sheet, providing outstanding thermal insulation.

Controlled Daylight Transmission - ideal for applications where specific light transmission is required.

Virtually Unbreakable - impact strength 200 times greater than glass and 8 times greater than acrylic.

Flame Retardant - Compliant with most international standards - at very high temperatures, material melts but flames do not spread.

Flexible and Easy to Install - easily bent into arches. Will not crack or split when cut, sawn or drilled.

Lightweight - 1/6 the weight of glass and 1/3 the weight of acrylic.

Excellent Weather Resistance - a solar grade co-extruded layer protects the sheets against yellowing and surface wear from extended UV exposure.

UV Blocking layer protects objects inside the structure from yellowing and other types of UV damage.

Anti Fog Performance - optional condensation drainage treatment effectively prevents moisture accumulation.

Environmentally Friendly - Reduces use of fossil fuel - non-polluting - 100% recyclable.

Lightweight polycarbonate panels enable large 1 piece shipments to the field.  Field installation is expedited do to the factory assembly of the skylights.  Shown here are (2) 10mm bronze dual wall polycarbonate Arch-vault skylights 8' wide x 28' long.