How can I meet OSHA fall requirements?

To fill the demand for quality pre-glazed skylights, GSI has developed a wide range of modular skylight systems that are factory assembled and glazed.  These units are designed to reduce field labor cost and provide a quality installation at a fraction of the cost of field assembled and glazed design.

  • Curb Mount Skylights  

  • Self Flashing Skylights

  • Lean-to units

  • Modular Systems

  • Pyramids

  • Extended Pyramid
  • Continuous Vaults
  • Ridge units
  • Circular dome
  • Polygon

Standard Bubble Unit

The Pre-glazed or Modular Systems are available in acrylic, polycarbonate, and safety glass in single glazed or insulated designs.

Thermoformed Capabilities:
We have the largest skylight thermoforming ovens in the Midwest.  Thermoforming plastics into dome, pyramid, polygons, extended ridge, and circular units can be produced from one sheet of plastic in our 13'x16' production ovens.

Thermoformed Acrylic Dome Skylights
Thermoformed Acrylic Dome Skylights

Custom Shapes:
Special shapes and sizes are not a problem for our in-house fabrication department.  Custom size glazing systems and frame finishing can all be produced by our in-house design and manufacturing services.

Bubble with 9" High Curb

Segmented Thermoformed Acrylic Skylight
Segmented Thermoformed Acrylic Skylight

Self-Flashing Skylights
All Self-Flashing skylights come complete with baby tins and flashing packages.  Self Flashing skylights can come with insulated Low E glass, polycarbonate or acrylic bubbles.  GSI can manufacture self-flashing skylights to any size.

Private Residence, Libertyville, IL
Curb Mounted Glass Skylight with 3 Center Beams
This skylight had a perimeter curb and center beams made of cedar.  GSI manufactured the skylight system to sit over the existing curb and line up with the supports below.  Glazing in this skylight was Bronze insulated glass using tempered Low E for the exterior lite and heat strengthened laminated safety glass for the inboard lite.

Di Vinci School:
Elgin, IL 
22 Curb Mounted Pyramids over Bubbles
Bronze Acrylic over Clear Acrylic
Mill Finish Frame work.

Two Northfield Plaza:
Northfield, IL 
4 Bubble System with integral framework
Bronze Acrylic
over Clear Acrylic
Gray Painted Framework