14 x 45 retractable lean-to skylight with a 1 to 12 pitch enclosing porch.

When skylight opens, a motor driven retractable screen closes the opening. Designs provide a silent operation with urethane composite wheels. Drive assembly designed to move panels up to 1,000 lbs. Panels are operated through a computer control system, which allows for timed operations, wind and rain override protection and safety control for system protection. Computer control panels are designed to accept auxiliary commands

331 x 238 retractable glass ridge with an 8 to 12 pitch above pool, upslope distance of 21.

Operable Swimming Pool EnclosureYour Aquatic Custom Structure

Makes light of the weather.  Provides a delightful year-round leisure environment.  This makes it possible for you to enjoy your pool, not just on those rare perfect summer days, but when it's overcast, chilly, rainy-even when the snow flies.  

A Custom Pavilion blends pleasingly with the architecture of your home.  With the landscaping of your grounds. 

Aquatic Structures lets you follow your own physical fitness program year-round, in total privacy.  It's a perfect way to entertain guests with both style and informality.

More information can be obtained by e-mailing us at sales@gsiskylights.com