Here at GSI, we take all of the steps necessary to ensure quality craftsmanship and 100% customer satisfaction.  It starts with the intricate and thorough designing by our in-house engineers... designs we have researched and refined so thoroughly that we are confident that our product is not only superior or equal to the competition, but that our design, manufacturing, and installations will leave our customers feeling confident that they could not have gotten a better product.  Our project estimators and sales support teams are always available and willing to individually spend time with each and every customer.  It has always been a priority at GSI to make every customer feel like our only customer- and that's just how you'll feel... we're sure of it!

So does all of this quality and service come with a higher price?  Absolutely not.  Since most of our products are catalog items and come straight from the factory pre-glazed, that saves the cost of installation or cuts the cost down to 60-70% of what it would normally be.  Pre-glazed items are ready to be simply placed on a curb and mounted.  GSI also offers fully customized systems at a cost only slightly higher than our standard systems.  And since we do such a large quantity of custom work, most custom jobs are designed and priced as if they were standard jobs.

GSI Product Qualifications

  • 10-year product warranty
  • Standard economical pre-engineered systems
  • Complete design services
  • Integral water and condensation control
  • Structural engineered systems
  • In-house design fabrication assembly
  • Versatile and economical designs
  • Meet or exceed NGA and AAMA guidelines
  • Highest quality materials and workmanship
  • Experienced field installation service
  • International project services